How this will work for you

the WOW foundation has been created to offer a dynamic platform allowing students across web. digital. social marketing and media to work remotely in teams (crews) on REAL projects for charities – developing key professional and technical skills and gaining invaluable employability skills such as teamwork, real client engagement, communication, problem-solving and presentation skills.

Above and beyond these key skills – as part of a WOW foundation crew, you will gain future-relevant skills in lean, agile, remote-working using the latest and best online collaboration tools.

You will work in a crew on a real, live project – offering a wide range of challenging and inspiring opportunities for you to unleash your best code, inspired designs, creativity, innovation and all other forms of your inner digital potential.

You will also have FREE access to our unique Professional Skills Programme (PSP). This will be a set of online modules consisting of a short video presentation by one of our industry mentors focusing on key employability, professional and ‘on-trend’ skills required by employers. Each video will be approximately 15 minutes long followed by a simple set of tasks for you to complete to demonstrate understanding of the topic covered. All PSP modules can be completed in around 1 hour and are accessed remotely so that you can complete them in your own time, in your own space!.

The PSP will NOT be telling you how to write a CV or how to choose the right shoes for an interview. We will be focusing on REAL skills development around personal branding / networking / pitching and real workplace integration.

The process:

We are calling on students from a wide range of skill sets: UX / graphic design / front-end GUI / web dev / digital media / social marketing / digi-video / business strategy

Remember: any project you engage on is vital to your CV or portfolio.

The WOW Foundation Summer Hack and PSP will run for 4 weeks between June – Aug.

  • register and submit your CV
  • we confirm receipt of your CV
  • we contact you to confirm dates for the Summer Hack and to confirm your crew details
  • details of the Summer Hack challenge are released
  • we arrange an online meetup of your crew to get to know each other and to introduce you to the WOWlab collaborative platform
  • you get busy with your crew mates through WOWlab
  • we arrange an online meeting for your crew to present your project solution
  • your CV or portfolio simply loves you for doing the right thing!
  • your employability and professional skills have just gone awesome!
join the WOW foundation crew