‘showcasing tomorrow’s brightest digital talent in today’s world of work’

the wow elite crew is our commercial project programme where top students and graduates work in ‘crews’ to deliver cutting-edge, smart-thinking and cost-effective solutions to business, social enterprise and a growing bunch of tech and social start-ups.

Students or graduates working through wow elite crew have demonstrated a high level of technical skills ability prior to being accepted onto these paid project and many of our wow elite crew members have worked on a number of challenging and inspiring projects.

wow elite crew projects are very skills-intense and demand an excellent professional attitude and an ability to be a crew player.

Students on wow elite crew projects are paid a very competitive hourly rate for all project work Рand gain invaluable REAL project experience as well as access to our inspirational mentoring network.

Our metrics evidence that 90-95% of students or graduates who engage on wow elite crew projects go on to obtain employment either with one of our clients or as a direct result of our endorsement and project reference.

get connected – get busy – get hired!

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